Thursday, March 22, 2018


Another very good service this morning. This facility understands the importance of the Word. As a result, many residents are brought in. Hands were in the air, once again, as we praised the Lord. At the close several were ready to rededicate themselves to the Lord.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Last month I was not able to come to Claremore because of bad weather. When I showed up today, they were not expecting me. Boy did they scurry fast when they saw that I was there. This is an Alzheimer unit so we do a lot of singing. "Oh, how I love Jesus", "Jesus is the sweetest name I know" are just a few of the wonderful hymns we sang this morning. It's always exciting to watch them "wake up" to the Word of God. Now it's on to Nowata.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


It was quit a morning in Pryor. We've got some residents that are stepping it up a notch in their singing. Wow, they do like to sing. We spent the entire time singing. Staff, family, and residents filled the room.

Monday, March 19, 2018


One of the women in the service this morning said, "We've had church!" She was right. We did have church. It was wonderful. I asked them, "Who goes to church on Monday morning?" And they said, "We do!" There was a couple who came into the service and announced they have been married for 60 years. That's something you don't see to often anymore. We are lifting up the name of Jesus everywhere we go. Jesus Is Lord!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Henryetta/ Okmulgee

The presence of God was certainly experienced this morning. We talked about our right standing in God. I asked the big question this morning. "How many here are saved?" Every hand in the room went up! So, I said, "If you have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior then you have right standing with God." There was a peace that filled the room. We began to sing again and every hand in the place went up to praise him.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


We had quit a time this morning. The activities department knows this is not just another activity. This is ministry and they bring everyone in accordingly. Our thrust is: Strengthening The Saved - Saving The Lost. In these services there is something for everyone, saved and unsaved alike. Several years ago I asked the Lord to put me in situations where we can build His Kingdom. Nursing home facilities seems to be a "black hole" not many people want to enter. We are going in. Jesus Is Lord in the nursing homes.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


We have moved to a new area of the facility. It is bigger and more noticeable. We had a great meeting this morning. Now, it's on to Wilburton.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I want to thank the activities directors in the last two facilities I have been in - Sallisaw and Tulsa. We had some of the largest groups and the residents were brought in and ready when I walked in. That's a lot of work. This morning was another great service. It's obvious in nursing homes there are a lot of needs. The Spirit of God and His Word can be a guide for us through each and every one of them. We raised our voices and hands to the Lord in praise and then looked into the Word. "Strengthening The Saved and Saving The Lost" has been the thrust of this ministry since the beginning. For those who are saved, I want them to be stronger than they were when they came in. For those who do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior I want to show them what Jesus did for them, how they can accept Him and then welcome them home. God is so good!

Monday, March 12, 2018


It's always wonderful to see so many people come to the services - residents, staff, and family. We are continuing the series on "who we are in Christ". We are still looking at righteousness.

"For he has made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him." 2 Cor. 5:21

Here it is in the NLT: "For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ."

In Christ we have been made right with God - righteousness.

To look at faces this morning was priceless. The look of hesitated delight. Could it be true? Are we really right with God? Yes, in Him we are. That's very good news.

Friday, March 9, 2018


The phrase "a church alive is worth the drive" came to mind this morning. Residents, family, and friends were in the service. We are pressing in to know Him better. "Are You Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb" and "Amazing Grace" were just a few of the songs we sang to worship Him. After the service I had several residents say how thankful they are that we are providing this service for them. I say "we" because there are many supporters who make this possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!