Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Wednesday - May 18, 2021

This morning after the service a resident came to me and said, "Look around the room.  You see a room full of Christians.  We don't need a lot of hellfire and brimstone.  We need to be encouraged.  You've done that with your music and encouraging words.  We've been locked up for months.  Our spirits have been lifted this morning.  When are you coming back?"

What a wonderful morning.  As nursing care facilities open, this is what I'm finding; People who want to be encouraged in the Word.

Now it's time for lunch and on to this afternoon's service.  God is so good!

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Wednesday - May 12, 2021

 Today I had my second service at Brentwood since they have reopened.  The excitement of reopening is incredible.  And, getting together as a body of believers is just amazing.  There are several here who want to be baptized.  It sounds like a stock tank is in the works and we may have a big outdoor service.  The power of God is at work and we cannot be stopped.  Praise the Lord.