Wednesday, November 14, 2018


This was another wonderful morning. It's amazing to hear a room full of assisted care residents singing their heart's out for the Lord. There seems to be many things they can not remember but they do remember the hymns. It was food and fellowship around the glorious hymns of the church. Praise The Lord!

On my way to Muskogee I heard a radio evangelist say, "I don't want to be busy, I want to be fruitful. For the last several years I have been very busy. There has been much fruit but I think I could have been more fruitful. For the last several months the Lord has been helping me revise my schedule and develop a new focus. It's called - "Heart Fit: spirit, soul, and body." This focus will be used on the road and on the trail, (the bike and running trail.) What I mean by that is the Lord has expanded my focus. In 2019 I will continue to minister to those who find themselves in nursing care facilities. I will also be ministering to athletes and those who are homeless in the Tulsa area. You can be fit physically but not spiritually. You can also be fit spiritually but not physically. It takes both to run your race effectively for God. Thus "Heart Fit: spirit, soul, and body."

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