Thursday, January 23, 2020


This writing is a little different because I am writing about yesterday afternoon's service and this morning's service.
Yesterday in Okmulgee I was overwhelmed at the response to the message. The residents were thrilled to know that God still has a plan and purpose for their lives. That they can run a strong race all the way to the finish line. That when you begin to see the finish line you don't slow down but press into the finish. after the service, no one wanted to leave. These types of messages are not given much in nursing homes but residents want to hear it. It is where they are. They want to hear, "Well done thou good and faithful servant."
This morning we were all out in sing mode. As soon as we started singing the atmosphere went up a notch or two. The residents were excited to sing praises to their master and Lord. So, we just stayed right there and sang for an hour. Praise the Lord!

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